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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Sienna “Swaggy Sie” Garraway has not only taken the industry by storm, but has also cemented herself as one of the most notable and illustrious digital content creators and multimedia personalities resonating nationwide.


With just under 10-years in the music industry, Swaggy Sie has managed to not only grab the attention of celebrities and artists across the country—having scored stream-worthy interviews with some of the music games heavyweights such as Cardi B, Bobby Shmurda, Megan Thee Stallion and the late Pop Smoke—but has also found herself through passions in other realms such as Fashion and Lifestyle, where she has truly tapped into who she is behind her SiriusXM mic.


Swaggy Sie’s work ethic resides where her New York City grit and hustle meets the Hollywood glitz and glam—making her one of NYC’s most relatable and culturally infused personalities in the industry. The talented mentee turned master in her craft has honed in her boss like skills by working with the best of the best—having gained major co-signs and experience from broadcast media legends, Sway Calloway and Angie Martinez honing in on what it truly means to be an exceptional radio host. Swaggy Sie has transcended her personality from behind the mic to the center stage of it all, becoming America’s ‘Swaggiest’ multimedia personality in the game.

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